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I started the series because I wanted to watch a sci fi show and there were almost non-existent.

Synopsis :

Fringe follows the casework of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Fringe Division, which includes Olivia Dunham, Special Agent; Dr. Walter Bishop, the archetypal mad scientist; and Peter Bishop, Walter's estranged son and jack-of-all-trades. The Fringe Division investigates cases relating to fringe science, ranging from transhumanist experiments gone wrong to the ominous prospect of a technological singularity to the possible existence of a parallel universe.

Fringe has an overarching plot; but, unlike J.J. Abrams' previous series Lost, it is written to be easier to follow and more accessible to viewers. Abrams commented:

"Lost has garnered a certain reputation for being a very complicated show and one that you have to watch every episode. Fringe is in many ways an experiment for us, which is, we believe it is possible to do a show that does have an overall story and end game, which Fringe absolutely does… We can do a show that has that, so that there's a direction the show is going and there's an ultimate story that's being told, but also a show that you don't have to watch episodes one, two and three to tune into episode four."[11]

It was actually true. The beginning was rather boring, luckily there was an engaging character with the excentric mad scientist Walter. But along the first season and even more during the second, a gripping mythology was set up. The two other main characters got an interesting backstory, and by the thirs season, I am a true fan and completely hooked. There are some truly amazing emotionnal moments in the boradcast last episode ! And we have answers to the series's mysteries fairly regularly !

It is a really good sci fi show, even if it starts slowly ! Any other fans around here ?

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