Shutter Island

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Shutter Island

Postby jainaxf » Wed 22 Dec, 2010 18:18


I could not believe that no one has opened a topic about this movie yet !

The movie's director is Martin Scorses, with Leonardo Di Caprio and Marc Ruffalo as the main characters.

It starts with the arrival of two US Marshalls, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule on Shutter Island. The Island is home to an asylum (for crazy and violent people) where one of the patients has disappeared. But everything is not what it seems on the Island. Why are some patients out of bounds ? Why do the employees seem to subtly refuse to let the 2 Marshalls leave the Island ? What is happening in the Lighthouse ?
Daniels sets out to find the complete truth about the Island. Of course, Daniels has his own demons to face, and in this claustrophobic environement, he's getting more and more visions from his past, despite the medications given by the asylum's employees ...

I absolutely loved the movie's atmosphere ! So dark and paranoid ! Di Caprio was excellent in his part as a man on edge. The scenario is quite clever, and I didn't see the twist until it was almost upon me (something quite rare these days !) !
The music was also well done, it reinforces this heavy atmosphere of fear, paranoia, mystery ...
There was also a real work on the movie's photography : the weather is alkways bad, stormy and dark and nature is quite hostile. The asylum is really a cliche for all the "bedlam" asylums, but
it is completely justified as it is mostly in the main character's mind
! It is also quite emblematic of the time : in the 50's asylums were still rather frightening places with awful treatments to the most dangerous patients !
All these elements almso made made think about an original French RPG, Patient 13, which takes place entirely in a mysterious mental hospital.

there are clues all along the movies, but I was quite convinced it was a conspiracy with mysterious experiments on the patients as it has often been done before ! Instead, the "heroe" was a crazy murderer who couldn't deal with his actions !

All along, we are looking for the truth with the main character, not quite knowing what's real or not on this mysterious island ! Plus the end was really good and chilling...
For me, it is obvious that he remebers the truth, but prefers not to live "as a monster".

I have not read the novel yet, I have read the ending was left a little more ambiguous than in the movie.
Anyway, I thought it was a gripping and amazing movie, one of the best of this year !

Generally, I'm not a fan of stories with a dark and/or sad atmosphere, a quiet despair and
a sad ending
, but the movie was engaging thanks to its excellent actors, settings, music and scenario !

What about you ? Have you seen it ? Did you like it ? Did you guess the truth and the end ?

Here is the trailer to give you an idea :

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Re: Shutter Island

Postby coolfrog » Thu 23 Dec, 2010 07:07

I still ahve to watch that movie i have it on a downloaded dvd for a few months now xP (or longer)

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