La Patrouille de France Virtuelle ! \o/

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La Patrouille de France Virtuelle ! \o/

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Fri 14 Aug, 2009 15:47

:france: As a Frenchman I'm really happy to announce that after The Virtual Thunderbirds or The Virtual Blue Angels, here comes La Patrouille de France Virtuelle, the FSX virtual pendant of the original team which counts the best French fighter pilots.


Their official website is The website is in French only for now but it seems some have already asked for an English translation which might come.

This team propose some videos including the following one which show their skills :)

It proposes also, and that is great, a school where you are trained by an instructor with the goal to, one day, integrate the patrol itself :)

I think I might get back on FS-X for this ... Just have to be sure I can take enough free time for this and, I would prefer a patrol with good old Extra 300s, involving people here ... :roll: ... (+ the fact I'd have to upgrade my PC in order to make that ~##{ SP2 work properly :P)

You also find the Alpha Jet the virtual patrol uses (as the real patrol) and created by Laurent Correia (design), Jean-Pierre Langer (instrument panel), Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and Benoit Dubé (flight model) on => this page, where you can also find some very useful tools we have already talked about, except Hamachi which we'll have to try if it is really faster and smoother the GameSpy we use...

Well the videos are great and the team seems great as well so, I'm gonna try to know more about them and for the Frenchies around who don't dare writing in English, you can as wall sign their Livre d'Or/Guest book ;)


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