[FS] Water Environment Textures

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[FS] Water Environment Textures

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Fri 11 May, 2007 19:15

It took me quite a long time to find back this very cool add-on for Flight Sim 2004 which makes water looks WAY better than it uses to be by default.


The Golden Eagles Squadron presents alternative sparkling water with sun and moon reflection textures. These water textures add a more dynamic quality to the fs2004 water with sun glints and vigorous wave action as would be seen on a sunny windy day. Caution, these textures are only for DX9 compliant cards and will not work unless you can move the "Water Effects" to High in your display options! We hope you enjoy them and visit us often at the Golden Eagles Squadron, Lynn and Bill Lyons. 1.1MB Filename: fs9wat.zip

You can download it => HERE <=

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