Brandon Sanderson : Elantris and The Mistborn Trilogy

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Brandon Sanderson : Elantris and The Mistborn Trilogy

Postby jainaxf » Mon 24 May, 2010 17:14

Brandon Sanderson is the author who is in charge of ending The Wheel of Time saga.
But he is also writing his own novels and they are really good ! I recommend these books, Sanderson managed to create original and well-built universes !


Until 10 years ago, Elantris was the capital of Arelon, inhabited by ordinary humans transformed into magic-using demigods by the Shaod. But the magic failed, Elantris started to rot, and its inhabitants turned into powerless wrecks. Princess Sarene of Teod arrives in Kae, the new capital, close enough to Elantris to constantly remind of faded glory, prepared for a marriage to ally Teod and Arelon against the religious imperialists of Fjordell. But, she is told, her fiance, Prince Raoden, is dead. She and a recently arrived high priest of Fjordell, Hrathen, clash. Sarene tries to retain the freedom of Teod and Arelon, Hrathen tries to incite the populace to convert so that Fjordell can take over. Neither suspects the truth about Raoden. aken by the Shaod, he struggles to unite the crippled Elantrians and discover why the magic failed. The unrest comes to a head as governments topple, the Elantrians' secrets are revealed, and Fjordell's forces arrive. A surprisingly satisfying, single-volume epic fantasy that invokes a complex, vibrant world.

Politics and religious war looming, this book is a very nice change from the orphaned farmer young boy with "mysterious" origins and a quest to save the world from the ultimate evil ! :D
I loved all the manipulations from the different factions ! The three main characters are quite different and allow us to different places and points of views . The Shaod is this world's perverted magic and it has devastating effects. I thought the magic was original and logical.

Each of the main characters has his own vision of what is "common good" and tries to act according to it. One of them is a religious fanatic.

The only thing that I found somewhat disappointing was the end, I thought it was too quick and easy. But maybe the author wanted to be able to come back to this universe one day ...


The second novel I've read (in French !) is the first volume of the Mistborn trilogy. I loved it, I even preferred it to Elantris.
Once again the stereotype of the "chosen one" saving the world with immense powers is subverted. The chosen one did exist but, in the end, he became an immortal and tyrannical god who oppresses a race of slaves (the Ska).
The two main characters are one man in his 40's and a young girl of 16. However, she is not innocent at all, quite the opposite : she grew up in the street among thieves and is rather paranoid and cynical (with good reasons) !
The rhythm is fast with suspense, there are some nice twists, and once again the magic system is original ! The end result is that two fighting wizards seem to come out of Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon, quite spectacular !
The secondary cast is interesting as well, it's a team of thieves with different skills and personalities (I really like Sazed) with an Ocean's Eleven atmosphere sometimes.
The outside world is not the green country : ashes are falling all the time, the sun is red and the plants grey ...There are few legends left about green plants or yellow sun ...Moreover, it takes place almost exclusively in the city !
All of this gives this novel a rather gothic and somber atmosphere.

Finally, one last advantage : even if it's a trilogy, you can stop after this novel, the ending is perfectly satisfying ! There are hints for future volumes, but no frustrating cliffhangers ! 8-)

To conclude, the author has created 2 very good fantasy novels with interesting and original elements, likeable characters and a good rhythm with suspense ! I strongly advise you to try and read them ! :bounce:

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