website updated + irc channel
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website updated + irc channel

Postby Hitmann47 » Sat 01 Jul, 2006 15:34 has had a couple of updates, more to follow. most notably the background has changed to our current hall ;) Ask seph for more details.

I've 'setup' an irc channel, namely #wor on quakenet. Will need some more pple in there before it can be claimed ours though.

To dowload a client visit:
For those that arent comfortable with it, IRC (short for internet relay chat) is a very flexible chat protocol. There's many many features which makes this a perfect choice for communication, although it may seem a bit much at first. If you've got problems getting it setup correctly contact me.

some interesting channels on quakenet:
#ew (room of GWWC champions Esoteric Warriors)
#iblokes (irresistable blokes, runner up of GWWC)
#dynastywarriors (respected gvg clan) ( the valandor )
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