Garro'w Law : Legal drama in the XVIIIth century

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Garro'w Law : Legal drama in the XVIIIth century

Postby jainaxf » Wed 08 Dec, 2010 22:35


It's been some time since I've introduced you to my latest favourite TV shows. So today, we are going to talk about this British (what a surprise ! :wink: ) series about a defence barrister who pioneered the prisonner's rights at a time when a prisonner had to prove he was not guilty rather than the other way around. This reformist barrister was called William Garrow.

In the series, he has two allies : John Southouse, his attorney and mentor and Lady SarahHill, a high society lady who also wishes to have a more balanced judiciary system.
The series uses Garrow's cases to show us the general society point of view on subjects such as slavery, homosexuality, women's position … and how far we have come from these today ! :eek:

Moreover, Garrows is the lonely man fighting the (unjust) system, a fact which should quickly attach the audience to him ! Of course, he is not perfect and has several faults : he is impulsive, sometimes too proud for his own good , has rather inflexible principles (sometimes against his interests) … but I found those faults rather sympathetic (moreover as I have got some of these faults ! :blush: :D )
I aslo like the (realistic) theatrical atmosphere in the court with emotions running high, tricks …and the idealistic series' amtospehere (thanks to its main characters), as I tend to prefer escapism in fiction.
Finally, there is an ongoing arc with Garrow's evolving relationship and a touch of forbidden romance : I like my romance mixed in other genres, that's the girly part of me ! :D

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