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Suzy Darling is having a rough few days. She just walked out on her unfaithful husband, Steve, taking her children with her to her newly bought penthouse. The penthouse is beautiful with a lovely balcony and it's right next to her dental practice.

Just one problem: It's haunted by the ghost of Henry Mallet, whom Suzy alone can see and hear. Suzy has to juggle dealing with Henry's antics and demands, raising her children, settling into her new place, running her dental practice, and dodging Steve's attempts to in turn sabotage her new life and woo her back.

Spirited is an Australian dramedy on W Channel starring Claudia Karvan, Matt King, and Rodger Corser. It's already been green-lit for a second season.

Source :

Séries created by : Jacqeline Perskes in 2010http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0675476/

8 episodes (one season/series) have been produced so far by the Australian network W.

Official website :http://www.wchannel.com.au/spirited/

With :

Claudia Karvan=>Suzy Darling
Matt King=>Henry Mallet
Rodger Corser=>Steve Darling
Belinda Bromilow=> Jonquil Payne
Charlie Hancock=> Verity Darling
Louis Fowler=> Elvis Darling

fiche IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1524415/


(I would advise you to watch only the first 30 seconds in order to avoid being spoilered too much)

My opinion

I discovered the series by chance (I was readind an article about Australian TV) ! The synopsis reminded me of The Ghost and Mrs Muir (a 1947 film) which I really enjoyed. I saw the pilote and thought it was nice but not extraordinary. Still I went on and I was totally sucked in ! :eek: :yeah: I love the mix of everyday life and Henry's interventions, it can be really funny ! The different secondary characters are touching and/or funny, the plot moves along quickly enough ... 8-)

So, a really nice surprise in the end ! The 2 main actors are great, the husband as well (as a jerkass), the children's actors as well ...
There are fantstic elements but the most important things are the characters relationships and interactions, Henry's and Suzie's opposite personalities, their changing relationship ...
The excentric characters made me think of Gilmore Girls sometimes ! There are also more serious and emotionnal moments, with some romance thrown in the mix ! :yeah:

This is a warm series, a good programm to watch during the long cold Winter nights coming !

The only problem is that I'm suffering withdrawal syndroms now ! :D

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