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The Movie Theater: MOVIES INDEX

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Sat 22 Jul, 2006 12:13

As you might have already noticed, there are several topics about movies in The Lost Forum's Movie Theater. Here is a short list to help you in your navigation.

First some informations, especially for those would would like to add reviews.

Only members of TLF Movie Theater's Staff are authorized to start new topics here.

If you want to join, you can write a review about a film you like (or hate) and send it to me by PM.

Please try to find some pics to illustrate it (they can be hosted on TLF and will normaly) and avoid at all costs the "one sentence review".

If your review is good, you'll be more than welcome in the team ;)

On the other hand, everyone is welcome to reply in the topics and to do small critics in THIS TOPIC ;)

I add here a very important communication from Digi:

DigiNico wrote:IMPORTANT NOTICE !!!

While browsing through the movie reviews inhere to find a clue about Chev's last Guess The Movie challenge, I found a very nasty and offensive picture, as part of the pictures used to illustrate a review. It seems that some sites don't like people hotlinking thier pictures at all, and they configure their web servers to display very ugly pictures, sometimes with explicit (and quite disgusting) sexual content to discourage people from stealing thier bandwidth.

So just be careful when you hotlink a picture for a movie review. You'd want to save it to your disk and then post it via imageshack or other free image hosting service.

I usually take care of the pics used in the startings of the topics, hosting them on but these pics use place too and therefore I try to never have more than 6~7 pics per review with width bellow 450~500 pixels.

If you want to, you can mail the pics to me at

As I have webspace to save I only host pics which are in the starters so if you illustrated your following posts, take good notice about Digi's warning.

Thx ! :)

... and if you notice I forget to host your pics, feel free to beep me as I do forget from times to times ;)

Now here comes the index itself with first movies dedicated topics (feel free to add your opinions and your votes):

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Postby Baskerville » Sat 22 Jul, 2006 12:13

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