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TLF is recruiting!

Posted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010 16:41
by Chevalier Bayard
as you might have seen, a new user group has appeared a few hours ago: Editorial staff.

For now it counts only 4 persons: Skaila, Rawhide, Wulf and myself who are here since the beginning and still quite active (that means in more than one forum ;)).

As amazing as you can think it is, The Lost Forum can easily be a credible platform for editors as we have, at least on our connection stats, a real international base and we do have some content with, to quote the most impressive, more than 300 movies having their own dedicated topic.

Even if few count many feedback posts, they are read as you can realize it googling a bit. And that is what editors are looking after if you want to be credible with all its advantages.

Of course living it Paris, it's easier for me to say that as we have some press events here where Parisian TLFers can get invited. But other big cities are represented in the forum where tons of events do take place too. Being an English speaking forum we can fit in everywhere as a "local represent of an international website". It will only work better as it had work for me when I had managed to see Renaissance with the press and was so excited about it ;)

I don't know exactly why but since several weeks I'm not in the mood for movies and I've been glad to see Rawhide and mainly Skaila getting back on The Movie Theater with several new topics.

On my part, maybe because I do less technical stuff, I've been more active in the Computer Geeks part. But The Library is awfully empty and we lack several topics as well in the TV Series part or even on our initial subject: the video-games.

The change of mood I've told you about regarding movies and I, makes me think it's a good idea to keep TLF opened on many different subjects instead of specializing it about just video-games, or movies, or books. But it would be great that all parts of our dear geek culture are treated quite equally as well in order to attract different kind of people here, eager to share their experience and discover new stuff.

While I still intend the Global Moderators to have an animator role added to their copper one, but if the Staff benefits from the same moderation powers, I want them to be focused mainly about the content available on TLF. If we take for example the Entertainment table; I count on Moderators to participate but if the Staff is active there it will be also for testing/launching new games.

I am looking for reviewers and testers. Writers who will find help in The Staff regarding re-reading and spelling correction for thos who yet don't feel enough confident with their English writing, but also regarding sources of informations, contacts or online/live event invitations, pre-versions, and so on ... Ask Skaila who just saw it a few hours ago, maintaining this place active and "shiny" doesn't pay the rent for sure (believe me, I'd LOVE that), but can give you back some advantages to warm our geek hearts :D

If you're interested please post below or send a PM to a member of the staff explaining your motivation and maybe some examples of your writing/reviewing skills on the web. The admission will be discussed by all the Staff around your "motivation letter" so don't send me a French PM :terrorite:

Regarding the profiles we need people interested by all subjects mentioned earlier but The Library needs help quick (and it would be great to have one or two RPG fan there to follow this particular branch (jainaXF ? Sybil ? :roll: )). Et pour une fois, la langue Fran├žaise est aussi la bienvenue du coup car il y a du boulot dans la Librairie Fran├žaise aussi (absinthe ? ROD ? :roll: ).

For the movies, we're not necessarily after a blockbusters' expert are there is less point in being one page over a trillion dedicated to Avatar or Star Wars than to be one page in the few hundreds remembering this classic or promoting that local movie for example. Of course if you want to speak about a blockbuster you are welcome too but you would have got my point ;)

In your motivation PM, tell us already were you think you'll be more active and the ideas of subjects you already have for your future topic launches.

I hope to see the Staff growing soon and see The Lost Forum quickly becoming less "lost" :D

Finally all members are still invited to launch topics as well !!! ;)

Re: TLF is recruiting!

Posted: Tue 20 Apr, 2010 13:55
by A.I
If I didnt often disappear for periods of time I would. Afterall it would be a waste all this artifical intelligence :D.

Re: TLF is recruiting!

Posted: Tue 20 Apr, 2010 14:01
by Chevalier Bayard
Great ! Yeah it would be good to have you back on board A.I. :)

Regarding the disappearances the management will be a bit different than it is for Global Moderators. If I didn't it in the past I think I'll let people keep their status even if they are not around often. That won't be the case for the Editorial Staff.

There is no explicit target regarding the number of topics launched but if the member doesn't launch any, for about let's say 2 months, he will be taken off the user group and lose his special access to our shared informations and material.

Yay I'm glad we finally have an application here :gj:

Re: TLF is recruiting!

Posted: Thu 20 May, 2010 18:17
by Chevalier Bayard
ROD, JainaXF, absinthe and Lord-of-Babylon have joined the team but I'm sure you had already guessed that regarding the incredible number of topics started by them in the recent days :roll: :D

We are still recruiting though! :bounce:

Re: TLF is recruiting!

Posted: Mon 24 May, 2010 20:03
by Chevalier Bayard
Welcome to Ehlyah ! :bounce:

Magical Bum ? :roll: