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Our favourite restaurants in Paris

Posted: Fri 16 Jul, 2010 18:48
by Chevalier Bayard
Mindtrust just reminded me on Facebook I should have given him a long time ago a list of good restaurants in Paris. Well, I hope other parisians will come here as well but here I start this list with ...


Where is it ?
4 Rue Petit
75019 PARIS 19ème
tel: 01 42 02 46 71
subway station "Laumière" on line 5


Situated in the 19th district of Paris, you can go there coming out of the cinemas as Mk2 Quai de Seine and Mk2 Quai de Loire are just nearby, surrounding the Bassin de la Villette. You can also come back from the Buttes Chaumont park, closer, or from the park of la Villette (where among many other cultural manifestations, you've got some outside cinema in summer, check the official website) or at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie or finally, after a cycling journey along the canal of Ourcq :D.

I took it for granted that you'd come there for dinner but you also can have luch there. Le Laumière is opened from 12:00 to 14:30 and 19:00 to 22:15 everyday except Sunday and Monday. Last time we got there with Liewen, Mr. Zaouri, the owner of the place, told us they were also offering a "tea room" service in the afternoon but we haven't tried it ... yet (good idea for the next days though :roll: )

What do we eat there ?
The food is mainly French kitchen, sophisticated one though. Le Laumière is famous for its seafood which is not exactly something on which I'm qualified to mark a place so you'd have to wait for other feedbacks on this point. Otherwise, regarding river fishes, I recommend strongly "Les Véritables Quenelles de Brochet Façon Louis XIV" (The true pike dumpling, the Louis XIV way) which are awesome. So is the "Corne d'Abondance de Légumes de Provence au Pistou", the vegetarian plate !

I used to be mostly a carnivorous and avec if it is not the only responsible for this change, Le Laumière really helped me to see (and taste) there was not only meat/ Nevertheless they do propose some nice recipes in that area as well ;)

How much does it cost ?
When you see the standing of the place, you are nicely surprised by the prices. I know some here that we've brought there and will testify on that point :D

If you go for the menus and are reasonable with the wine ( :roll: ) your bill will be around 25~40€. Le Laumière currently offers a formula with starter, main course, desert and wine (a bottle for 2 persons) for 33€.

Who do we get to see there ?
The costumers are mostly regular ones, people from the area. Even if there are several touristic places around as mention earlier, tourists usually get back to more central places at night.

With the very good reputation of the restaurant, people get to come from farer places but they stay for most of them Parisian. Don't worry, we've brought some American friends there already and found that the waiters know their English ;)


Why do we love this place ?
The owner, Eddy Zouari has done everything in a restaurant. He started has a cook in this place and continued his career in other places. He was the former head of La Coupole, a famous restaurant in Montparnasse area for 5 years and then decided to get back to his roots in the restaurant where he started. A nice story some would say but the point is that still today you've got the feeling that Eddy Zouari is doing everything in his restaurant. Not that this team isn't competent, far from that. The team in the restaurant is divided between "old school" waiters who are here since Liewen and I discovered the place some 5 years ago, and young ones, learning the job. And I'm sure this must be a great place to learn cause in Le Laumière you really feel great as a costumer. You are clearly not used to such a quality of service. This plus the room itself a bit in the old Parisian brasseries rococo style, really make you feel some decades ago when restaurants were not industries and the people serving you did care about the fact you went out of the restaurant happy or not cause they hoped to see you come back.

Let's say that we've discovered the place some years ago while we lived near it which is not the case today but Le Laumière stays among our first restaurant's names coming to our mind when we want to have a nice lunch outside :)

Oh! There is also the hotel "Le Laumière" but I've not tested it at all and as far as I know the restaurant looks independant regarding the hotel so be carefull regarding the comments on the net ;)


Mindtrust, I promiss you I'll come back here before Tuesday with other names and I welcome all parisians here to share they favourite restaurants here as well.

By the way I've seen that another of my favourite restaurant, La Galoche d'Aurillac, has a new owner. Did someone get there since the change ? Cause apart from this one, you should avoid at all costs, restaurants in rue de Lappe which are totally the counter-examples of Le Laumière!! I remember some really hard nights after having tried some restaurants there :x I hope La Galoche d'Aurillac has not fallen in the dark side :(

Re: Our favourite restaurants in Paris

Posted: Sat 17 Jul, 2010 01:37
by Chevalier Bayard
And here I continue with a restaurant I've discovered some years ago thanks to Yomghee: le Café de l'Industrie


Where is it?

16 Rue Saint-Sabin
75011 Paris
tel: 01 47 00 13 53
subway stations
  • "Bréguet - Sabin" on line 5
  • "Bastille" on line 1, line 5 and line 8


Situated in Paris 11th district near the place de la Bastille, le Café de l'Industrie is ideally situated for tourists as you have plenty of places to visit around there including the Opéra Bastille, the Marais, the Picasso museum (currently closed till 2012), the Carnavalet museum, the place des Vosges ... MANY places I told you ! ;)

What do we eat there ?
As I've been there only a few weeks ago, I've been surprised to see that the card included far more exotic plates than it used to. Today the food stays still mainly traditional French cuisine. The card changes from time to time around this traditional core and invite some foreign and various plates.

If le Café de l'Industrie is a nice place where to enjoy dinner. I recommend the brunch there which is really a nice starter for a Sunday late morning ;)

How much does it cost ?
The food is very good and the ingredients seem well chosen. Nevertheless, the kitchen is not extravagantly elaborated and the prices stay then very reasonable. Count about 20 to 30 € per person.

Who do we get to see there ?
Actually that might be a problem. You get to see there far too much people :D Seriously it is mandatory that you make a reservation before coming cause even if le Café de l'Industrie is in fact two restaurants, on both side of the street. Both of them are often crowded, especially on Saturday nights.

The population is very heterogeneous. From foreign students to active workers of the areas and Parisian "bobos" (bohemian bourgeois), you get to see many different people speaking different languages. Be careful though as le Café de l'Industrie might not be the best place to be if you have a migraine incoming before you enter :wink:

Also the service is not often at its best when the restaurant is crowded as waiters are also mainly students and young ones who don't stay much but already have that amazing waiter superpower to look through you without noticing you at all. Yes! They will most surely forget about that glass of water you asked for, several minutes ago... :roll:

Why do we love this place ?
Well, clearly not for the service which is not bad though but average for a Parisian restaurant (which means "bad" anywhere else in the World). For the price though the food is good, especially in this area where you'd pay a lot more just a few streets away, for a far lesser quality. It's really worth to walk a few minutes more till the rue Saint-Sabin!!


If I really love le Café de l'Industrie it's also and mainly for its decorum mixing industrial and colonial worlds. It makes you feel a bit like if you were in a steampunk environment and I do love that! You can spend hours watching at all pictures on the walls. I don't know really how the alchemy works but it does and besides some bad points I'm totally aware of, le Café de l'Industrie stay one of my favourite restaurants in Paris. Another reason to choose brunch instead of dinner as the restaurants are then far less crowded ;)

Talon Aiguille

Posted: Sat 17 Jul, 2010 22:29
by Chevalier Bayard
This time we cross the Seine to Paris' left bank and we go to le Talon Aiguille.


Where is it?

8 Avenue du Maine
75015 Paris
tel: 01 45 44 39 41
subway stations
  • "Falguière" on line 12
  • "Montparnasse - Bienvenüe" on line 4, line 6, line 12 and line 13
  • "Duroc" on line 10 and line 13


The Talon Aiguille is situated in the 15th district of Paris, near the Montparnasse train station, the Musée du Montparnasse, the Montparnasse cemetary and, last but certainly not least, the Montparnasse tower from the top of which you can enjoy a peripheral view of Paris; the best view over Paris according to many Parisians as "from there, you don't get to see this ugly tower" :absinthe:

It's also not very far from theLuxembourg Garden if you fancy to enjoy a little walk to put you in appetite before lunch ;)

What do we eat there ?
The owner of the Talon Aiguille is a former chef who worked for about fifteen years with the greatest, including L’Espérance of Marc Meneau ( **** Relais & Châteaux Hotel). The card of the Talon Aiguille is a mix of classic and innovative kitchens and it moves a lot, following the seasons.

Among the starters, don't miss the "Foie gras maison au Carambar" which is just a perfect mix I strongly recommend :)

How much does it cost ?
Good surprise, the prices stay reasonable and you can take some menu formulas which will keep your bill below 25€ per person without the drinks. Choosing your starter, main course and desert on the card you still can keep the bill around 30~35€ which is very reasonable for the quality you'll find in your plates.

Who do we get to see there ?
Actually when we got there there weren't much people in the restaurant. Each time it was mainly local population.

Why do we love this place ?
The baroque decoration made as an tribute to Spanish famous director Pedro Amoldovar is very nice and, as mentioned earlier the food is really innovative and enjoyable. The service is not the best we've seen (especially regarding there wasn't much people in the restaurant) but stays better than the average Parisian service.

Re: Our favourite restaurants in Paris

Posted: Tue 17 Jul, 2012 10:12
by robbin
I have just joined and I hope I will learn a lot of new information here.