World tour ? Ok here is how it works ...

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World tour ? Ok here is how it works ...

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Mon 31 Aug, 2009 22:40

On the forum already exist some topics about nice places to visit, pictures, ..., worldwide.

The goal of this new area is to regroup in different forums these topics but also to welcome new ones.

As the English language make many shy and as it is a worldwide dedicated area, all languages are welcome here as soon as the super-moderators at least are able to validate they are compliant to the rules of well behaviour expected here (no offensive language, and so on...).

Donc, par exemple, vous pouvez poster en Français si vous voulez. Cela sera l'occasion de jouer avec Microsoft Translator :D

Usually around here if it's not English, it is French but other languages might appear so Super-Mods and myself will had tags in the titles as languages will appear in the topic: [EN] for English, [FR] for French, [IT] for Italian, ...

The full forums directory will be built as the new topics will be started. So if you want to start a topic taking place in a city and a country not yet represented by a forum. Just start it in the corresponding continent directory forum and it will be correctly dispatch afterwards.

I hope this new place to be active so we'll have soon plenty of good places to visit worldwide ! :)

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