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Welcome to the city of Atlanta, Ga.

The first step in city creation is to identify 3 themes or threats in the city.

idea1: Atlanta has always been a major transportation hub. As a result, people from all over the world have been settling there for a long time. Even today, Hartsfield-Jackson airport is one of the largest international hubs in the world. Every major culture alive in the world today has carved itself a little niche inside the city somewhere.

Theme: Everything Has A Home Here Somewhere

idea2: Cities tend to rise up in places of power. There used to be a confluence right where the center of the city is now, but it receded a long time ago(several centuries at least). The N-S ley line along 75/85(interstate) has been there all along, but an old ley line running E-W has started to rise up again along I-20 and a confluence is gaining power right smack in the middle of the city. If all that nonsense with highways and ley lines isn't enough, then just for your personal amusement my I introduce 285. 285 is a big freaking circle of a highway around the city. People in the city call it the perimeter. Where you live is described as inside or outside the perimeter. This just has to mean something.

Theme: Rising Power

idea3: Someone shot the warden. Right through the back of the head. They got the drop on a guy that came over on a slave boat as a child. The warden in Atlanta was a bad motha and kept the city power structure in check. Everyone wants to further their agenda, but NOBODY knows who killed the warden. The timing is awfully convenient, with that new confluence and all. The death looks like a simple mugging, but it would be very difficult for a mortal mugger to get to the warden without outside help.

Threat: Getting Hot In Hotlanta (power vacuum)

*edit* - Changed first idea after meeting with players. Reworded threat.


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