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Kinect S.D.K.

Postby Rawhide » Sat 12 Mar, 2011 15:57

Microsoft Kinect Holds World Record for 'Fastest-Selling' Device (PC Magazine)

The Kinect has a been a huge success for Microsoft and the XBox 360 team. Recently, the fine people at Guiness (famous for their beer and for their list of world records) announced that the Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronics device in the world after selling 8 million units in its first 60 days. Total sales are now over 10 million units. These sales figures eclipse both the iPhone and iPad. But that's not the biggest news for the Kinect right now.


Sony and Microsoft are both making major headlines right now for how they are dealing with hackers who use their gaming systems in ways not intended. Sony has filed several large lawsuits against known hackers in attempts to effectively destroy their lives. At the other end of the spectrum is Microsoft who is thrilled with the exciting and unexpected things that people are doing with the Kinect. Microsoft's response is to release an SDK for the Kinect.

SDK is an acronym for a Software Development Kit. Basically, Microsoft is sharing information on how to use the Kinect for your own purposes. SDK's generally include definitions of the APIs (application programming interface), instructions on how to hook into the APIs, and sample code showing how to use the APIs. Microsoft's response to hackers is to help them out and make it easier for them to use the Kinect for their own purposes.

Read the announcment of the impending release of the Kinect SDK from Microsoft Research:

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