Aides de jeu pour la création de personnages

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Aides de jeu pour la création de personnages

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Sun 26 Apr, 2009 15:29

Premier lien qui mérite un coup d'œil là =>, la partie Game Mechanics.

Ça vous donnera des idées quant à la création de votre perso déjà :)

Il y a ensuite un topo sur les différentes races du jeu là =>


Avian and Feline: the Owl and the Pussycat, by Jan BrettAll right, so the very first Furries on this list are not actually "furry"! Avians come in three builds: small, light, and average. Only Avians of small and light build can fly; those of average build are evolved from flightless birds. Socially, Avians can be of any rank, though the raptors tend to be of higher rank.


Canines range from light (Small dogs and foxes) through average (larger dogs, coyotes) to heavy (really big dogs, wolves). Intelligent, adaptable, and socially skilled, Canines can be found in any profession and rank.


Bats. Come in small and light builds and can fly. They have no sonar ability, unlike the ordinary bats they evolved from. They are usually rare, shy and reclusive, and prefer professions that don't require a lot of social contact such as magic or scholarly research.


Felines range from light (domestic cats, fennec) through average (bobcats, puma, lynx) to heavy (lions and tigers, oh my!) Felines hate to work hard so they are most often found either at the top of the social ladder or at the very bottom.


Rabbits, pikas, and hares come in small, light, and average sizes. These Furries are the backbone of middle management and organization in all professions whether mercantile, military, religious, political, or sorcerous. They also do well as shopkeepers and small business owners. Intelligent and adaptable, they tend to belong to the bourgeoisie.


Marsupials range from light (opossums, wallabies, koala) through average (Tasmanian devils, wombats) to heavy (Tasmanian wolves, great grey kangaroos). Except for possums, they are all natives of recently discovered Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, New Guinea and neighbouring islands. Possums are native to North America, and shrew opossums to South America.


Mustelidae include stoats, weasels, otters, minks, ferrets, meercats, martens, etc. They come in small, light, and average builds. Usually energetic and even hyperactive, they are generally good fighters for their size and often excel at military careers, though they lack the endurance to be in regular infantry. They also often go into piracy and highway robbery, being an adventurous lot.


These strange and beautiful creatures come in small (aye-ayes), light (marmosets), and average (lemurs) builds. They are found only on the island of Madagascar. They are mostly skilled in hunting, gathering, agriculture, cattle raiding, handicrafts, fighting, and sorcery. You need to come up with a good backstory to play a Prosimian.


Another non-furry species of Furries. They can be any size, and are actually warm-blooded so they can survive in temperate climates. Lacking fur, they are an easy target of racial prejudice and tend to stick together. They are often found in heavy industry and in the military.


These Furries ranges from small (mice, chipmunks, voles, dormice, gerbils, hamsters), through light (squirrels, marmots, guinea pigs) through average (muskrats, beavers) to heavy (only one type, capybara). They are intelligent, adaptable, and very fertile, but they are kept by extreme prejudice at the bottom of the social ladder. They form the bulk of the criminal class in large urban centers, sometimes alongside small Avians. They are usual candidates for the British Navy press-gangs, thus often leading to piratical careers.


Hoofed Furries range from light (gazelles, dik-diks) through average (pigs, goats, sheep, ponies, deer) and heavy (cattle, horses, elk, moose) to extra-large (Clydesdale horses, rhinos). Though pigs are clever enough to belong to the middle class, and horses are sometimes found in the highest ranks, most Ungulates are agricultural or cottage industry workers.


Ursoids come in light (racoon), average (sun bear, spectacled bear, red panda), heavy (giant panda, brown bear, black bear), and extra-large (kodiak, grizzly, polar bear). They are intelligent, strong, fierce, and intimidating. They are often merchant captains, military officers, etc., but also common labourers.

Ensuite pour les rôles et professions c'est par là =>

The rules of Furry Pirates describe a few popular professions in some detail:

* Fighter: Should have a high Dexterity score and a reasonably good Strength and Agility.
* Sorcerer: Needs a Reason score of at least 24 and a Social score of at least 18. A high Ego score is also recommended.
* Gunner: Should have a high Reason score and a reasonably good Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.
* Sailor: Reason, Strength and Agility are important. Navigational skills are needed for officers (knowing how to read, write, make calculations, draw and interpret maps and star charts, and use the compass and sextant)
* Alchemist: A high Reason and a Social score of at least 19 are needed.
* Thief: A high Dexterity score and a reasonably good Reason and Agility are recommended.
* Hunter: A high Strength and a good Reason are recommended, and a good Constitution is also useful.
* Craftsman: Carpenters, shipwrights, cooks, musicians, sailmakers, are weaponsmiths always welcome on board. Other specialties may be less obvious but also valuable.
* Scholar: Knowing how to read and write, speak other languages, and understand history, law, politics, and current events can be very useful. A high Reason is recommended; and a high Social score is likely.

Crew Positions
It's not called Furry Pirates for nothing; expect a lot of the action to have to do with the High Seas. On a ship there are some crew positions that are more vital or interesting than others:

* Captain: In command of the ship.
* First Mate: Fisrt officer after the captain, may command in his absence, coordinate ship defence, lead a boarding party, etc.
* Second Mate: Similar to First Mate, third ranking officer on board.
* Navigator: In charge of charting a course; must read and interpret maps, understand astronomy, and perform calculations. This role may also be filled by one of the senior officers.
* Pilot: In charge of steering the ship in shallow, coastal, or dangerous waters. This role may also be filled by one of the senior officers.
* Master Gunner: In charge of the gun crew.
* Bosun (Boatswain): Directs the crew as senior petty officer.
* Quartermaster: In charge of supplies, logistics, and dividing the loot.
* Ship's Wizard
* Ship's Doctor
* Master of the Tops: Directs the handling of the sails.
* Aerial Scout: Avian or Chiroptera Furry or flight-capable wizard, responsible for advanced reconnaissance.

Normalement la profession vient de vos carac aux dès. J'ai laissé à chacun la possibilité de choisir quitte à adapter less carac en intervertissant certains résultats.

Enfin, télécharger et imprimer => cette synthèse pdf<= qui vous sera très très utile.

Sur le même site, vous trouverez une =>FICHE DE PERSONNAGE<= en français et fonctionnelle. Donc à imprimer également :)

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