A few advises before posting

The place where to introduce yourself. Always nicer to know people we are chatting with, ain't it ?
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A few advises before posting

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Mon 28 Apr, 2008 01:58

A few advises before posting:

Unlike many forums you see no "forum policy topic" displayed (but I realize I'm currently starting one in fact) but the moderating team is here to insure of that ethic and respect are not forgotten by the posters, especially as our members are from all ages and many different cultures around the World (even if far less than I'd like it to be !! :D).

So don't even think to come here to post porn, invite to racism & hatred, promote drugs,... and so on, or you will be bannished clearly and simply without any first warning.

The SMS style is also not much appreciated around here and an abuse of it could make you seriously unpopular regarding the moderators ...  You would have been warned :roll:

We are also not found of diverse curses and a filter is already in place to prevent the pollution ;)

Regarding the spam, the policy is different between the forums. You're invited to watch a little bit the other topics and maybe restrain your spamming needs in some. Anyway stop spamming if a moderator asks you to :)

As I'm giving some advises: PLEASE DO NOT USE SIGS IN THE IMAGES ORIENTED TOPICS like many WOR "Guess" games.

Now maybe it is time for you to know a little more about the forums around. The list might not correspond exactly to the forum you see as I might not update this post as often as I should and the forums appear and disappear here regarding their internal activity.

The general rule is that after one month of inactivity, a forum is closed. The new forums can be created once a bunch of people are interested in it or if you convinced the admin (that would be me) that your idea rocks !! ;)

Now if you wonder where to start, you may go and introduced in the INTRODUCTION TOPIC for example :roll:

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