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Postby Chevalier Bayard » Fri 17 Aug, 2007 11:36

Some of you might already know it; since I've really discovered him in Days Of Glory (Indigènes) I'm a regular visitor of Bernard Blancan's blog:

There Blancan told us about a movie he had played in: Cache-Cache. What he said about this movie and what I read about it as well doing some net researches on it, made me curious about it and I didn't waited long before getting the dvd which we've watched last night with Liewen and which I'm about to tell you about today.


IMDb wrote: Cache-Cache (2005)
Director: Yves Caumon
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: France: 91 min
Country: France
Language: French
Color: Color


Yves Caumon is director and co-writer of the movie with Emanuelle Jacob. He said in an interview that he got the idea of the movie after a dream he had during which he was purchased and hide himself in a well.

Yves Caumon also said that, since the beginning, he had written the role of Raymond for his long time friend Bernard Blancan in which he found the double quality to look credible both as a peasant and as a ghost :)

And seeing the astonishing performance of Bernard Blancan in this mute role, we can do nothing else than agreeing.


Bernard Blancan plays Raymond, a very lonely peasant who lives so detached from the world that the peasants of the village nearby his family house consider him as dead for more than 30 years.

None sees him but people know he is around and as all secretly reproach themselves to not have helped the young Raymond after his all family death before he disappeared, they consider the family house as haunted by Raymond's ghost.


When Frédéric (Antoine Chappey), Caroline (Lucia Sanchez) and their children come from the city to install themselves in the countryside, they know nothing about these village's tells and find in Raymond's family house a rare opportunity.

After 32 years of supposed inoccupation they decide to do some works on the house and suddenly the so silent place becomes very occupied and noisy, leaving to Raymond only one safe place where to hide: the well at the end of the garden.


From his hidden place, Raymond observes the new comers and once the works are finished he uses the night to  explore the house while the others are sleeping.

From the beginning the children are sure that a ghost is around, hopefully a friendly ghost. Their doubt becomes a certitude when they find back in different places of the house the different objects they throw in the well.


If at first they think the responsible ones for the objects disappearing/re-appearing in incongruous places, are their children, little by little the parents start to doubt as well, especially when they get to know the villagers' tells about Raymond.

Raymond on his side, is driven by curiosity which makes him take more and more risks to be discovered. But maybe that's what he want after all these years of silent solitude ?


As the plot synthesis before might not show, Cache-Cache is a comedy, but first it is a folktale. A fantastic tale without any fantastic element in it but only the fantasy of the protagonists.

Raymond's character is very well written and amazingly bring to life by  Bernard Blancan who he's here miles and miles away from Martinez's character in Days Of Glory (Indigènes) which confirms his talent.

The role is totally mute and all the emotions and thoughts of Raymond are expressed by moves and facial expressions bringing us directly back to the actors of mute cinema of the beginnings.


Even if  Bernard Blancan holds the movie, he is far to be alone as the rest of the cast gives his best as well, especially for the wife and the two children who are really expressive :)

Then, for his only second long movie, Yves Caumon shows with no doubt that he his a skilled and confirmed director. It's really hard to choose screen caps as there are so many amazing shots.

And looking again the movie (for example to find screenshots for a topic ;)) you find many details which have escaped you at first vision and reinforce the unique atmosphere of this movie which I mark with a clearly deserved 5/6 and warn you to not miss.

I hope that at least an English subtitled version  will be soon available as this movie does deserve an international career. Fingers crossed, guys! ;)


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