Milano Trema: la polizia vuole giustizia

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Milano Trema: la polizia vuole giustizia

Postby Chevalier Bayard » Sat 10 Jun, 2006 23:52

The excellent Romanzo Criminale has driven me curious about 70's italian political movies in which cops had to deal with both criminals and idealistics people, all propagating violence in the country.

Therefore, I've followed advices given to me and got myself the dvd of Milano Trema: la polizia vuole giustizia (which can be translated by: "Milano is shaking: the police wants justice"), a 1973 movie directed by Sergio Martino, a very prolific italian director.


IMDb wrote: Milano trema - la polizia vuole giustizia (1973)
  • Violent Professionals (USA video)
  • Rue de la Violence / Polices parallèles en action (France video)
Director: Sergio Martino
Genre: Crime / Drama
Runtime: 104 min
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Color: Color
SoundMix: Mono
Certification: Belgium:KNT / USA:R


In Milano Trema: la polizia vuole giustizia, the audience follows the actions of the police lieutenant Giorgio Caneparo (Luc Merenda), a typical kind of cop hero for this period in burglars/cops movie, especially in Hollywood with such representants as Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) or Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson).

Like the two of them, Giorgio Caneparo makes the cops feel uncomfortable for his very violent and expeditive methods. His friend and superior, commissioner Nicastro (Carlo Alighiero) who thinks violence must be avoided at all cast, suspects that Caneparo kills more by vengence than for the justice he is supposed to serve and defend.


Caneparo doesn't know if his superior is a saint or a fool, they agree on the fact he is probably both. Both understand and respect each others, Caneporo being a little bit cooled down by his superior.

Anyway Caneporo's rebellion reaches its zenith when commissioner Nicastro is purely executed by a professionnal killer.

Caneporo suspects that the simple burglars case his superior was on, hides something much much bigger. Something which he certainly won't be able to uncover using "classic cop methods".


To avenge his friend, Caneporo goes underground. Playing on his glibness and on his amazing talents as a driver he's climbing the levels in the mob in the goal to find the one who has ordered his friend's execution.

As he progresses through the mob's ladder, Caneporo crosses more and more revolutionary idealistics, anarchists and chaos' followers who want to change the society the hard way: increasing the violence in the streets till something MUST happen.

But of course when some of them see what they unleashed and realize what kind of criminals they are working with, they too become victims of their plan, becoming as scared as they initially wanted the population to grew.


On the other side, some "usual criminals" become scarred too when they realize they work for completely illuminated people who are not here for money or power but for annihilation of the existing society. People you can harldy anticipate when you don't share their vision and people who clearly don't trust you and see you as an expendable tool ...

If Luc Merenda is doing well in his character of bad ass hero, madly violent but with a good heart, imho the film clearly reaches a dimension below the average thanks to Richard Conte who, in his play, manages to show us all these tensions between revolutionary terrorists and criminals but I can't tell you more without uncovering too much of the plot... You'll have to see it ! ;)


On the action part, Milano Trema: la polizia vuole giustizia hosts several very cool car chasing scenes but ... even if they are very well done you get a little bit annoyed when you see ANOTHER scene starting at a certain point...

The image is nice and the music is clearly 70's which is not a bad point for me but you would have been warned ;)

All in all, the advises I had received were right Milano Trema: la polizia vuole giustizia worthes to be seen and I give it a very well deserved 4/6.

And once again, a movie to which you should give a chance if you have the opportunity to see it ;)


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