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Postby Chevalier Bayard » Thu 20 Apr, 2006 23:40

Today with Liewen I've seen a comedy which we've been convinced to see because of the many good things we've heard about it in the last two weeks (and also because we arrived too late at the movie theater for the V For Vendetta seance, right).

This comedy is Jean-Philippe with a tagline carrying a strong metaphysical interrogation: what if Johnny had never existed ?


IMDb wrote: Jean-Philippe (2006)
Director: Laurent Tuel
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy
Runtime: France:90 min
Country: France
Language: French
Color: Color
SoundMix: an-Philippe (2006) Directed by
Certification: Switzerland:7 (canton of Vaud) / Switzerland:7 (canton of Geneva)


If you're not french or from a french speaking country the name "Johnny Hallyday" might ring no bell at all.

Even if many here (including me till a few hours ago) would describe you Johnny Hallyday as an has-been, Johnny is at first an incredible rock legend in France with more than 80 millions sold records, 900 songs, 100 tours, ..., and a total cumulated audience of 17 millions spectators in his different lives. :eek:

Even if most of the french of my age and younger are not among Johnny's fans. The fans are still numerous and Johnny is certainly one of the most mediatic man in France with a very special status.


All people also know the real name of Johnny Hallyday which is "Jean-Philippe Smet".
Of course, as Johnny's n#1 fan, Fabrice (Fabrice Luchini) knows that.

Fabrice, who has forgotten his own artistic ambitions years ago for finding a "real job" which would alow him to take care of his family doesn't find his life very enjoyable: his job is boring, he's loosing contact with his daughter and with his wife. All bores him.


Hopefully Johnny is here. Fabrice lives because of and for Johnny.

Each time he can, Fabrice listens to Johnny with a Hi-Fi walkman, in his car, on radio ... everywhere. The voice of Johnny brings Fabrice the energy he needs to continue.

Fabrice has all Johnny's albums, he knows by heart all his songs, he is at all Johnny's concerts and he even owns the most important collection of Johnny Hallyday's collector items in the region.


Sadely for him this passion is destructive in his family as nor his wife or his daughter shares it or even understands it.

After an argument with his wife, Fabrice goes to an Irish Pub to change his mind. After too many drinks Fabrice, singing loudely, decides to share his passion for Johnny with all the neighborhood in plain night.

All he receives for his efforts is ... a knockout from a particulary angry  man :D


Fabrice awakes in an hospital and realizes that this knockout has had a lot more consequences.

Fabrice has not only lost conciousness for a time he has travel through the dimensions to a world where he is a beer cans collector, a world where his daughter's name is not anymore Laura (as Johnny and Nathalie Baye's daughter) but Marion, a world where no one has ever heard about Sylvester Stallone, a world where ... Johnny does not exists !!!  :eek:

At first completely lost in such a nightmarish world, Fabrice decides to make Jean-Philippe Smet become the star he is to be. First, he must find Jean-Philippe...


This was the very begining of Jean-Philippe which has been a very good surprise !

Fabrice Luchini is an actor who very too often uses ham acting and finishes to be just "too much" and annoying. If I've liked him a lot in some movies (the final of Tout Ça Pour Ça for example), usually I hardly stand him and the fact to see him in the main role wasn't the best argument to make me go see Jean-Philippe.

Hopefully I've been through that and I must admit that most of Jean-Philippe is on Fabrice Luchini's shoulders. Fabrice Luchini is very convincing in his character, or the character has been very nicely written for being played by Fabrice Luchini ;)

But Fabrice Luchini is not alone and the duet he makes with Johnny Hallyday works just perfectly. As I've read it in many critics, indeed Johnny Hallyday finds in Jean-Philippe his best role. Very sober and peacefull he very nicely counterbalances Fabrice Luchini's excess of energy.


+ more than finding his best role, Johnny Hallyday finds also in this movie an incredible media to get him back on the front scene while it seemed quite impossible ...

I have absolutely no albums of Johnny and was surprised to realize I was knowing nearly all songs we hear in the movie by heart too. Actually I must admit that after having seen Jean-Philippe I have now the envy to buy myself some Johnny's records :blush:

I think it's mean then that it's a double success for Johnny :D (I add a picture not from the movie as the only pictures I find on the net are without him...)

The film was a very good surprise and if I won't give it a better mark I think it clearly deserves at least a 4/6 as it's very well written, very well played and the music rocks !! :rock:


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