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by Skaila
Sat 22 Jan, 2011 20:33
Forum: Computer Geeks
Topic: RunKeeper [iPhone/Android]
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RunKeeper [iPhone/Android] If you know me a bit, you know I'm not a sportive person. Sure I used to play sports a lot as a teenager, but since I've been working, the only active thing I do is get out of the car and slump onto the couch. However, I saw a...
by Skaila
Wed 19 Jan, 2011 19:30
Forum: Serial Addicts
Topic: Supernatural
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Supernatural Supernatural has been around since 2005 and is still going strong. With 5 seasons and currently the 6th being aired and a possible 7th under discussion, it's no wonder this show is being quite the hit. Unknown Object So what's S...
by Skaila
Fri 14 Jan, 2011 18:47
Forum: The Reception
Topic: Cleanshave fu man chu stubble
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Re: Cleanshave fu man chu stubble


Not an Outlaw myself, but I used to be (still kind of am) part of the Wolffestar Clan. Wolves ftw >.>

Welcome back btw :tworcrules:
by Skaila
Sun 09 Jan, 2011 14:07
Forum: Gamers Unite!
Topic: Lord of the Rings Online
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Lord of the Rings Online First there were the books, then the movies and finally the videogame. You may ask why review now since the game has been out since 2007, with currently two expansion packs and a third underway. The reason is simply, it has become free to p...
by Skaila
Sat 25 Dec, 2010 13:13
Forum: The Reception
Topic: Yow!
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Re: Yow!

Hmmmm looks like I have to kick her ass so she comes back and posts xD
by Skaila
Mon 20 Dec, 2010 21:36
Forum: North America
Topic: The Social Network
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Re: The Social Network

Just saw the movie today, I quite liked it. I liked 'Mark's performance.

I'm giving this 6/6 as well. Great movie :)
by Skaila
Sun 19 Dec, 2010 18:58
Forum: North America
Topic: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
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The Sorcerer's Apprentice The Sorcerer's Apprentice isn't a great movie, at all. They take a great concept and twist it rather oddly. It's a combination of science and magic, and neither one of them really get off the ground. Nevertheless, it's enjoyabl...
by Skaila
Mon 13 Dec, 2010 17:55
Forum: Gamers Unite!
Topic: Bioware's new game?
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Re: Bioware's new game?

About bloody time :P

I'm wondering though how the Reapers got there so fast? I thought it would take ages? Hence the Citadel relay? >.>
by Skaila
Wed 08 Dec, 2010 18:59
Forum: North America
Topic: Easy A
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Easy A Easy A, or how a little white lie can make or break a person's reputation. The comedy is pegged as a teen romantic comedy, but it's quite sad and truthful at times. Emma Stone plays the young and attractive Olivia Penderghast, who tells a white...
by Skaila
Sat 04 Dec, 2010 16:17
Forum: The Lobby
Topic: Anybody on LinkedIn?
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Re: Anybody on LinkedIn?

On that note:

Disregard the picture, I really have no better one :P

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